He’s well-known for his outspoken views on many topics. But recently-engaged shock jock Kyle Sandilands stormed off the air on Wednesday after venting his frustration at radio host Jackie O.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show was just minutes in, when Kyle was pulled into a discussion on texts in which former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian allegedly called Prime Minister Scott Morrison “horrible and horrible person”.

Just seconds into the program, Kyle revealed that he was annoyed by “all the news” and things got out of control.

Brooklyn Ross, a newsreader, asked Kyle if it was about the Scott Morrison thing. Kyle said yes.

He said, “You know what? No one has even seen this text… Someone thinks they recall seeing it.”

“This is the most important news in Australia, and it’s not over.

“You know what?” “You know what?

Jackie O said, “Hope not me,”

Kyle said that he would have said “don’t worry about she, she’s mentally, she’s deranged” at some point. “About everybody here.”


Jackie O responded, “I hope not lately,”

Kyle said, “Not lately but I’m just stating.” “It gets said, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gladys was pacifying any loser minister she was speaking to.”

The shock jock did not back down and he defended his position.

“This isn’t real news. You shouldn’t create fictitious b ******* drama… It is b ******* all the way.”

Jackie O then came in to state that the former Premier of NSW had not denied the incident, but Kyle began speaking over her.

She said to him twice, “You’re not letting us finish,” before continuing.

“She claimed she couldn’t recall.

Kyle shouted, “All the b **** said is ‘I don’t remember’.”

Brooklyn, a newsreader, tried to interrupt Kyle. Kyle said: “Don’t talk.”

“This is a p***e. All the news reporters are asking how can we make it happen. Then you say, “Let’s just hope she didn’t deny it.” That sounds worse.

As the conversation progressed, Kyle became more frustrated and said: “She [Gladys] does not care what everyone thinks.”

Kyle raged and said, “We don’t have to run around every single time some c***sucker of the ABC asks for a question.” Kyle later misunderstood ABC as Channel 10.

Jackie O asked Kyle to “sleep” at which point he responded: “No, no, I’m angry.” This is how the world has been destroyed – by the news d***heads, talkback station d***heads turning these things into garbage b ******* moment.


Brooklyn, a newsreader, tried to explain to Kyle why they cared about the story. Kyle replied that it was because a press release had been issued and all the ****** lazy and loser journalists were just typing the same s ***.

“No one really goes out to look… Journalism is now a cut-and-paste job… Facts don’t matter.”

After some lively discussion, the conversation turned to something unexpected when Kyle said to Jackie O: “I think all of you are real dumb.”

Jackie O replied, “I don’t think we’re dumb,” which led her to ask him why he was so angry.

Kyle stated, “Because it’s not like fake news being propagated around the country as it’s true,” before declaring that Jackie O was blindly believing the other person and calling it “disappointing” as a friend.

Jackie O, exasperated, eventually told Kyle that it was a tale – and Brooklyn added his thoughts Kyle suddenly burst.

“Just turn off your mic c***head. You’re finished. He said, “Get out!”

“Are you serious?” Jackie O asked.

“Yes, I’m serious. Instead of arguing all the time, you should listen.

“I’m not. Jackie said, “I’m trying to tell your side of the story.” “And you have your side of the story …”

“I’m going back home. F*** you. You can do the show alone. It’ll be a f ****** spectacle,” Kyle shouted, as he ran off.

“OK, we should take a break. I don’t even know what happened. Was there something that happened before I arrived? Jackie O asked, “Is it all okay?”

Brooklyn said, “I love him so very… I just wish that he didn’t get so excited.”