There are no promises of rapid NATO membership for Ukraine. Skepticism and caution characterize the alliance’s attitude towards the conflict with Russia.

Ukraine will not make any further progress towards membership of the alliance at the annual NATO summit this year, amid fears that the alliance could be drawn into a war with Russia, the Telegraph reports. Both Germany and the US have issued clear warnings against giving Ukraine a firm timeframe for membership during preparations for the anniversary meeting in Washington.

“They are very skeptical about moving Ukraine further along the path to full NATO membership this year,” the Telegraph quoted a source familiar with the Biden administration’s thinking as saying. There are concerns that the threat from Russia could grow for the rest of the alliance. The decision is likely to frustrate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been warned by other leaders not to demand the “impossible” from the alliance.

NATO leaders engaged in “expectation management” after last year’s summit because the decision on Ukraine’s membership had created too much pressure. There were concerns that the issue of Ukraine’s membership had dominated the summit and caused divisions among member states.

While NATO leaders will reject a timeline for Ukraine’s membership, they plan to offer some sort of “bridge” or “pathway” to membership as a sign of support for the process. “It’s not an invitation, but it’s the closest thing to it,” one diplomat said of the latest offer. The plan calls for strengthening Ukraine’s armed forces to ensure the country can join NATO immediately when alliance leaders deem the time is right.