US will limit travel from South Africa and seven other countries due to concerns about the omicron variant

Barry Biffle, Frontier Airlines CEO, told “Cavuto Coast to Coast” that American travellers aren’t “overreacting” to the micron variant but are booking flights in advance of the holiday season.

BARRY BIFFLE : If you take a look at it, I believe we’re nearly two years into this. So I believe consumers, as well our employees, are not panicking or overreacting. We’re still seeing very strong sales volumes. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re looking [at] great Christmas bookings.

So, I believe the American consumer is intelligent. I also think there are milder symptoms. It seems that the vaccine prevents severe outcomes. Therefore, I believe that if you are vaccinated, your immune system is boosted and you can live your life. We’re only a few weeks away now from pill treatments. I believe we are moving past panicking.