In order to strengthen its army, the country is now releasing criminals from prison so that they can do their part in military service.

Amid the ongoing war against Russia, Ukraine is taking drastic measures to strengthen its army. According to reports in the Telegraph, Ukraine has begun releasing criminals to replenish its war-decimated ranks.

A court in the western city of Khmelnytskyi ordered the release of two men, both convicted of theft, to join the country’s National Guard. “The court granted their requests and ordered that the Khmelnytsky Detention Center immediately release the men from their terms of contracted military service,” the Telegraph quoted as saying.

This measure is part of a law recently signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky aimed at resolving the country’s human resources problems. According to the Telegraph, Ukraine is having problems finding volunteers to replace wounded and killed soldiers. The hope lies in relief through the mobilization of up to 20,000 prisoners.

Russia has already pardoned tens of thousands of criminals, including rapists and murderers, to strengthen Ukraine’s armed forces – a practice that Ukraine vehemently opposes. Instead, the new law in Ukraine sets stricter criteria. Only Ukrainian prisoners with less than three years left on their sentence are allowed to apply for mobilization. At the same time, Ukrainian politicians emphasize that anyone convicted of murder, rape or other serious crimes will be barred from service, as will former high-ranking officials found guilty of corruption.

Despite initial predictions of mass mobilization, Kiev said only 3,000 prisoners have reported for military service since the law came into effect.

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