Six NATO states are planning a “drone wall” along their borders to protect themselves from possible Russian threat scenarios.

Six NATO countries have reached an agreement to build a “drone wall” along their borders to defend themselves against potential Russian threats. These are Norway, Poland and Finland, who are working with the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to prevent Russian aggression, reports the Telegraph.

According to Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite, this is a completely new approach. “It is a drone border from Norway to Poland,” Bilotaite told the Baltic News Service, “so we can protect ourselves against provocations from unfriendly states.”

The Telegraph further reported that European Union countries that border Russia are increasingly concerned that a resurgent Vladimir Putin could target his western neighbors if he is successful in his war in Ukraine. In anticipation, Poland has invested billions in expanding its border defenses with Belarus, Estonia has built a network of border army bunkers and Finland, which shares an 830-mile border with Russia, has joined NATO.

Bilotaite explained that the details of the “drone wall” are still being worked out. The deal signed over the weekend is part of a broader approach to combat the threat from Russia. “We agreed to hold regional population evacuation exercises to see how our institutions are prepared for such situations and interact with each other,” she said.

According to the report, Russia has been strengthening its military units along its northwestern border with the EU since the invasion of Ukraine. It was also said that the country had moved nuclear missiles to Belarus.