The operation at Frankfurt airport has been stopped because of a drone sighting at times. For safety reasons, no take-offs and landings were possible, said a spokesman for the airport operator Fraport.

According to a spokesperson of the Federal police, it was early in the Morning several references to a drone in the South of the site. Since the aircraft was spotted, however, gave the Federal police, in consultation with the air traffic control operation at 8.15 PM. The background of the disorder are still unclear, the spokesman said. State and Federal police worked on the enlightenment. Among other things, a helicopter was in use. By the end of March, the flight was operating at Frankfurt airport after the sighting of a drone for a half-hour set.

The Deutsche Flugsicherung has registered for the year 2018, a total of 158 impairment of the regular air traffic with drones, about 80 percent more than in 2017. In the area of airports, 125 cases have been reported. Most of the disorders, there was at Frankfurt airport (31), followed by Berlin-Tegel (17), Munich (14) Hamburg (12). In 2017, a total of 88 cases were reported.

In Germany are banned drone flights over the landing area at airports – as well as crowds of people, hospitals, prisons, public authorities, Federal roads or railway facilities. Where allowed, must remain the devices during the flight, in principle, be in sight and must not fly higher than 100 meters. Exceptions apply for Model airfields.