Public Service – Ver.di calls for a six percent wage increase The wage increase is, according to ver.di is necessary in order to remain qualified young attractive. The negotiators of the Federal States, rejected the claim. © Photo: Gregor Fischer/dpa

In the public service, hard bargaining for the employees of the countries. Ver.di chief Frank Bsirske confirmed prior to the start of the first round of talks and his call for significant salary increases. “We need to keep following the development in the private sector and in the industries as a whole, where we have seen in the last year, average wage increases of about three percent,” he said of the editors ‘ network of Germany. The distance to the wage development in the total economy must be reduced.

“In the next few years will be a minimum withdrawal 20 to 30 percent of the personnel in the area, due to their age,” said Bsirske. “It is attractive, therefore, on the labour market for qualified specialists and young professionals. Because there is increased competition for precisely these workers.”

The negotiators of the countries, Berlin’s Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz, referred to the pressure under which the countries were. “The payment run with the private sector, we will not be able to win a bet,” said the SPD politician of the newspaper Handelsblatt. The countries will have to “convince with qualitative characteristics”. The public service is better in the case of part-time work, Pay equity between women and men, compatibility of family and career or home office.

Kollatz, according to the Distribution of margins in spite of high tax revenue is limited. Berlin, for example, seats up to 58 billion euros of debt, the countries as a whole, there were 572 billion euros. From 2020 on, the debt applies also brake in the countries. “We need to take into account,” said Berlin’s Senator of Finance.

employees More money for nurses

The trade unions and the employers ‘ Association of German Länder (TdL) will meet this Monday for the first Time, for more than a Million Countries to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. He is to be transferred to some 2.3 million civil servants and pension recipients. Hesse joined in 2004 from the TdL – the country is negotiated separately.

The services Union ver.di calls for a wage increase of six percent, but at least 200 euros more. In the care sector, the income should be increased, in addition, generally, around 300 Euro. Will be negotiated for the employees in local administrations, University, hospitals, road maintenance depots and in the prison. On the employee side, sitting next to ver.di, the trade Union of police (GdP), the Build of the IG, the Agriculture, the education and science trade Union (GEW) and the German officials of the Federal ddb at the table.