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read It a pure coincidence, but a characteristic is that in these days of December in France, the headlines will determine two issues. Often they do this even on the same front page of the daily Newspapers or in a row in Radio and television news. Since the arrest and prosecution of the powerful French car Manager Carlos Ghosn in Japan, where he is supposed to have been false information as to his lush merit. And because of the reference to the other protests of the Gilets Jaunes, demonstrate in their bright yellow safety vests against the unfair distribution of income.

to be interpreted As they would have needed a justification for their rebellion, the yellow West, with the fingers on wealthy citizens, such as Ghosn and the state would lock-in-chief Emmanuel Macron on loved one in prison. As President of the Rich, denounced the house of Lord in the Elysée Palace, in your opinion, which is already a lot, and takes those who do not know how to fill at the end of the month in the fridge. “Macron Prison” – Macron to prison – rhyme on the Transparent currently, as well as the “Macron Démission” – Macron resignation.

The question of social justice is not in France alone. In the country, the freedom, equality and brotherhood since the Revolution of 1789 as a Banner in front of herträgt, the issue is discussed, but with particular vehemence. And hardly anywhere the presumed or actual affiliation to a social group such a deep divide. “France is a class society,” says the native of Remscheiderin Sabine Thillaye, which has been sitting for 2017 for Macrons party LREM in the French Parliament. Only through their political activities, she had come into contact with people, “would not have passed me before the Hand”.

The 59-Year-old together with her French husband, a company, and was a member of the entrepreneurs ‘ Association Medef. “Yes, for some, a red cloth. When I used to say to people, let us, however, the evening together drinking a beer, then me with large eyes looked at. So something is in France, not at all common.”

Macrons wanted to work pay ‘

as above, we down there, and in between there is a great resentment. Macron wanted to break away from this tangled themselves in the conflicting theories about how much redistribution the measures by which the company is doing well.

The redistribution to the detriment of the Rich, neither poverty nor unemployment, said the President. Finally, distributed statistical surveys, according to France last longer than many other Western countries and, within the industrialized countries organization OECD with 3.15 percent of gross domestic product at the top of the social expenditure. So the income gap between the 20 percent shrank, according to calculations by the national statistics office Insee richest and 20 percent poorest French: Had the Rich before the Reallocation of 8.4 times as much money available, it was then only 3.9 times as much.

Macrons guide should be especially helpful work, and abroad, spent the eighth capital at home in the innovation and the creation of jobs is to be invested. So he abolished as one of the first measures of the liberal Economists, as a power hostile to the applicable property tax almost entirely, lowered the capital gains tax from the original up to 62 percent to a Flat Tax of 30 percent and promised to reduce taxes on company profits during his tenure to 2022, from 33 to 25 percent.

workers he relieved the past year from all health insurance contributions, which were until then 0.75 percent of the salary. In two steps, the contributions to the unemployment insurance system fell by the wayside until last October. These were originally intended to be 2.4 percent. “Macrons courage, the courage to invest,” said Economist Elie Cohen. France got scared for years investors due to high taxes and duties.