(Paris) Emmanuel Macron gave himself “100 days” on Monday to launch a “appeasement” and “action” plan by July 14, after the “anger” aroused by the pension reform, charging his Prime Minister to present “as of next week” a roadmap.

“We have ahead of us 100 days of appeasement, unity, ambition and action in the service of France, it is our duty and I trust us, I trust you to get there”, a- he said in a televised address.

“July 14 should allow us to make a first assessment,” he added, assuring that Elisabeth Borne would detail the roadmap “as of next week”.

Among the major projects he intends to launch, the president has promised “strong announcements from the month of May” against delinquency “and all social or tax fraud”, while promising to “strengthen control of illegal immigration “.

“The rule of law is our bedrock and there is no freedom without law or without punishment for those who transgress the rights of others,” said the Head of State.

He also said he wanted to build a “new work life pact” in the coming weeks.

“This new pact” will be “constructed in the weeks and months to come through social dialogue” between trade unions and employers’ organisations, declared the Head of State.

Negotiations will focus on the need to “improve employee income”, “advance careers”, “better share wealth”, “improve working conditions”, “find solutions to professional attrition” or even ” help with retraining,” he added.

Emmanuel Macron has also promised to “unclog” all emergency services by the end of 2024.

Returning to the pension reform, he considered that it was “necessary”. But “is this reform accepted?” Obviously not, and despite months of consultation a consensus could not be found. And I regret it,” he added.

The Head of State assured that he heard the “anger” of the French, believing that “no one can remain deaf to this demand for social justice and the renovation of our democratic life”.

But “the answer can be neither in immobility nor in extremism”, he warned.