FOX News star John Roberts revealed that he has a pacemaker after suffering from heart problems.

Former White House correspondent, he spoke out about his recent health problems that he attributes to years spent smoking.

“For those at home who didn’t know, I quit our show last week and went straight to the hospital. Roberts stated Tuesday that she had been feeling unwell for some time.

“It turned out that the stents I received after Trump’s Helsinki trip with Putin had become blocked again. They reopened it, but the electrical circuitry in me was getting worse, just like ex-Vice President Mike Pence. Now, I am now powered by batteries. I have a pacemaker.

“Still only 75 percent, but I hope to get 100 percent soon. I’m now battery-powered, so give me a pink drum and I will be banging it around.”

Roberts shared that doctors had identified and fixed a blockage in his stent, and placed a pacemaker into his heart.

“A big shout out to @InovaHealth Fairfax, who identified and repaired the blocked stent and placed a pacemaker into a heart that had been hard ridden and put away wet too many times,” the Fox News anchor wrote on Saturday.

A pacemaker is an artificial device that stimulates the heart muscle and regulates its contractions.

Roberts thanked Inova Health’s medical staff on Tuesday and said: “An amazing advancement: Dr. Batchelor from @InovaHealth performed a tiny ultrasound within my coronary artery.

“It found that the stent that was closed had not been fully expanded since it was installed. This was not picked up by standard angiography. Advice for those facing the same.”


Doctors discovered that Roberts had two blocked arteries within his heart in 2018, which were quickly fixed.

“Many thanks Dr. Itshac Be-Dor, Dr. Lowell Satler, and the entire team at
@MedStarWHC, for finding and repairing my blocked arteries in my heart. They are a top-notch team!” Roberts tweeted the following at the time.

Interview with The Washingtonian: News anchor says he makes it a priority for him to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve always been a sports fan and enjoy staying in decent shape. I still enjoy the same things that I enjoyed as a child: cycling, tennis, golf (I love to walk), hiking and water- and snow-skiing.

“It is very important to me that I am healthy and fit. I love how my clothes feel, even though they don’t seem like they are bursting at the seams. Roberts also said that she has more energy.