Donald Trump is once again making negative headlines. The former US president posted a video that speaks of a “united empire”. The page of the current president, Joe Biden, reacted with shock. The video has since been deleted.

There is a stir around Donald Trump. The former US president posted a video of a fake newspaper article on Monday. The article speaks of a “united empire” if Trump is re-elected president this fall. The video has since been deleted.

In the video, which repeatedly refers to World War I, hypothetical headlines such as “Economy is booming,” “Border is closed,” or “15 million foreigners deported” are read out. Under the heading “What’s next for America?” the “creation of a united empire” is mentioned.

In a statement, Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt said the video was not created by the campaign itself. Instead, the video was reposted by an “employee who missed the word while the president was in court.”

Of course, the Biden side also reacted immediately and sharply criticized Trump. The current president’s team and the White House condemned the “vile anti-Semitism.”

“It is abhorrent, disgusting and a disgrace for anyone to promote content associated with the German Nazi government of Adolf Hitler,” said White House spokesman Andrew Bates.

Trump would “not play any more games. “He is telling America exactly what he will do when he regains power: rule as a dictator over a ‘united empire,’” added Biden campaign spokesman James Singer.

Trump has already been criticized in the past for his sometimes anti-Semitic rhetoric. Among other things, it was repeatedly emphasized that his language was comparable to Hitler’s.