Smoke rises above forest, as firefighters work to extinguish a forest fire, during a heatwave, near Falkenberg, in the district of Koelsa, Germany, July 26, 2022. REUTERS/Annegret Hilse

The big forest fire in Kölsa-Rehfeld (Elbe-Elster district) flared up again on Wednesday evening. According to a district spokesman, the flames are on the Saxon side about 250 meters from the B183 federal road in Falkenberg, Brandenburg. There are 318 men and women fighting the fire. After a reported bomb find from Saxony turned out to be a mistake, they could now continue fighting the flames.

Bundeswehr helicopters were also requested for Thursday morning, the spokesman said. They should start extinguishing the fire from the air first thing in the morning. For this purpose, water is again taken from the lapwing. Therefore, bathing there in the local recreation area will be prohibited until further notice.

According to the district fire chief on Wednesday, the situation is now under control. This was the result of the evaluation of aerial photos with the thermal camera. Residential evacuations are no longer an issue. (dpa)