In any other country in the world – except Germany – earn, German companies have so much money as in the USA. In the past year Were, according to the Federal statistical office, the total value of 113.5 billion euros in the United States. The were 1.5 per cent more than the year before, all expressions of Discontent of the Trump government to Despite.

Germany achieved in the United States, with 48.9 billion euros, the highest export surplus. At number two in the United Kingdom, with 45 billion euros, and in third place France with just over 40 billion euros, followed in the year prior to the Brexit.

most Important trading partner after China, is expected and exports. Goods to the value of 199,3 billion euros were traded last year between Germany and the people’s Republic. In this statistics, the USA might end up with a goods in the amount of 178 billion Euro, ranking third behind the Netherlands with EUR 189.4 billion euros.

conversely, China 93.1 billion Euro is only the third most important German export market. Here is France, with 105,3 billion euros. The most popular German export goods are machinery and motor vehicles.

2018 German companies have exported Goods to the value of almost 1.3 trillion euros, which is two percent more than in the previous year. The exports reached a new High. Imports rose year-on-year by 5.7 percent to a trillion euros. The foreign trade balance closed with a Surplus of 227,8 billion euros. However, the economy cooled off in the second half of the year and the domestic demand was more important.