(OTTAWA) The Conservative Party of Canada raised more donations in the first three months of the year than all other federal parties combined.

Party financial statements, released by Elections Canada, show the Conservatives raised more than $8.3 million in the first quarter, from about 46,000 donors.

The Conservatives regularly outperform their political rivals in contributions. This time they beat the ruling Liberals by almost 5 million.

The Liberals received about $3.6 million from nearly 31,000 donors during the same period.

The New Democrats, who agreed to support the minority Liberals in the Commons, with a support and confidence agreement, raised nearly 1.3 million from about 16,000 donors.

The Bloc Québécois received nearly $323,000 from 2,000 donors.

The Green Party raised nearly $401,000 and the People’s Party of Canada over $296,000.