foods must be checked from the point of view of the top of the EU auditors to better chemicals. The EU rules were overloaded and the EU States, with the food controls overwhelmed, criticized the European court of auditors in a report. The laboratories of the food industry have a greater role in the checks involved, in order to relieve the government.

The rules were so extensive, that it is the national audit bodies are not successful, to fulfill all its tasks. “Thousands of substances are not effectively controlled,” said the responsible auditor, Janusz Wojciechowski. Some EU States are controlled by certain chemicals more rare than others. The is threatening the credibility of the system.

The court of auditors called on the EU Commission to revise the regulations, and to cooperate more closely with the economy. The food industry needs to take the tests, said Wojciechowski. “It is in your own interest, the rules, because she has a responsibility when it comes to chemical contaminants.”

As potentially dangerous shall apply in accordance with the EU rules around 8,000 substances. This includes funding for pest control, color – and aroma substances, animal medicines and plastic, for example. The food in the EU in a global comparison, although very safe, said Wojciechowski. Nevertheless, the current System stand in front of challenges.