by 2017, about a year before the first crash of a 737 Max aircraft from Boeing, the U.S. companies of any problems with the control software. The group admitted on Sunday that have not already a few months after delivery at the beginning of the 737 Max in may of 2017, to know that a warning system failed to work in the cockpit properly.

engineers have found defects in the display system for warning of the so-called AOA Sensors. These Sensors provide data to the buoyancy of the aircraft. We have launched an internal investigation, which had come to the conclusion that the Problem have no “negative consequences for flight safety”.

In the level of management you have. the problems

been was not involved, According to information from Boeing’s upper management in this study and also informs known Only after the first crash of a 737-Max machine in Indonesia in October 2018, the company’s management became aware of the issue. Also, the US aviation authority, FAA had only been around informed a week after the accident. A second investigation in December of 2018, but I have shown also, that the Problem was not a security risk, said Boeing.

In March 2019 was crashed in Ethiopia, again in a machine of the type 737 Max. A total of 346 people died in two accidents. After the second crash in less than five months, the world had been imposed in March-wide ban on flights for this aircraft.

The first investigation report after an error in the control software, which was developed specifically for Boeing’s new edition of the 737-series is, as the cause of the accident is suspected. Whether and the extent to which the warning system was for the crashes, it is as yet unclear. Currently, Boeing is working on a new Version of the Software.