A young filmmaker accused of killing his mother in January was declared fit to appear Thursday at the Montreal courthouse. Emmanuel Gendron-Tardif will however have to remain detained at the National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry Philippe-Pinel for the rest of the procedures.

The 28-year-old man is charged with the second degree murder of his mother, Lysane Gendron, on January 25 in Montreal. The 61-year-old woman was well known in the municipal community in Laval, where she worked as an assistant director.

Emmanuel Gendron-Tardif was declared unfit to appear a month ago due to his mental health problems. But since then, his condition has likely improved since Judge Suzanne Costom declared him fit Thursday morning.

Psychiatrist France Proulx and the accused addressed the court during the hearing. However, a publication ban prohibits us from revealing their words.

The judge ordered that Emmanuel Gendron-Tardif remain in the care of psychiatrists during the rest of the legal proceedings. However, the accused will not be required to take his medication. “The criteria are not met. You can’t be forced to take your medication,” the judge explained.

The case will come back next May.

Me Anne-Andrée Charette represents the public prosecutor, while Me Milèva Camiré defends the accused.