National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reviews complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently reviewing increasing numbers of complaints from Tesla owners regarding their cars unexpectedly hitting the brakes.

The Washington Post reported that at least 107 complaints regarding so-called “phantom brake” events in Teslas have been filed to the agency over the past three months. This is an increase from the 34 cases in the previous 22 month period.

NHTSA released a statement saying that the NHTSA was aware of all complaints about forward collision avoidance. It is currently reviewing these through its risk-based evaluation process.

“NHTSA will immediately take action if data indicate that there may be a risk.”

Tesla had to recall and update the optional beta version of its Full Self-Driving software that was being used by around 12,000 customers last October because of a similar problem. However, all Teslas have an automatic emergency brake system. At this point, the review is not considered an official investigation.

Last year, the automaker eliminated radar from its electronic driver aids and instead relied on “pure vision” to monitor the roads through cameras placed around the vehicles.
Tesla updated its Full Self-Driving beta software this week in nearly 54,000 vehicles. This was to remove a feature which allowed cars to pass stop signs and not stop completely if there weren’t any pedestrians or other vehicles in the vicinity.
Tesla does not have a communications office that can comment on news outlets. Elon Musk has not spoken publicly about the latest phantom brake issue.