(Quebec) If it identifies “interesting measures” for French-speaking communities in other provinces in the federal action plan on official languages, the Legault government regrets having seen nothing so far in the document to protect French in Quebec.

“As Minister responsible for the French Language in Quebec, I have not yet seen in the plan any measures that are consistent with the declaration of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Minister of Official Languages, namely that French in the Quebec is threatened, ”reacted Jean-François Roberge on Wednesday, a few hours after Ottawa’s announcement.

“Yes, French speakers are the majority in Quebec, but French is under threat in Quebec. I would expect to find in the plan measures that protect and promote French even if it is the majority. I will continue to analyze it, I hope to find them. But it has to be there,” he added.

He qualified his statement by saying “there is still something positive” in the new federal plan. “There are interesting measures for Francophone communities outside Quebec. There is an intention to increase Francophone immigration, but the target is missing. It takes an ambitious target, it is not there. There is something interesting in promoting the dissemination of science in French, it is going in the right direction. There is an intention to increase the production of Francophone cultural content. Once again, it’s an intention, but it’s going in the right direction,” said the Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie.

“From a Francophonie point of view outside Quebec, it’s definitely positive. We are happy, because a strong Francophonie outside Quebec is good for Quebec and good for all Canadian Francophonie. Of that, I rejoice. I just hope to see the asymmetrical character. I looked for it and I haven’t found it yet. I will continue to watch it. »

Asked about the 138 million intended for the English-speaking community in Quebec, he replied that “it also takes [money] for French-speaking organizations in Quebec”.

“I want English-speaking communities in Quebec to have the means to develop. I understand that the federal government is going in that direction. But what about community organizations, organizations that defend the French fact in Quebec? It takes an asymmetry,” he argued.