(Montreal) Last chance negotiations have begun between the federal government and the Public Service Alliance of Canada, with the aim of avoiding a strike in the next few hours, at midnight and one minute.

Several federal departments as well as the Canada Revenue Agency would be affected. The PSAC represents 155,000 members there for the purposes of this negotiation.

The Secretariat of the Treasury Board revealed that it had improved its salary offer on Sunday in order to obtain the support of the Alliance. He is now offering 9% raises over three years.

But the Alliance deemed this insufficient, asking for 4.5% per year for three years.

The issue of telework, a priority for the Alliance, seems to pose a serious problem for the Treasury Board.

The Treasury argues that the PSAC’s demands, “as currently worded, would have a serious impact on the government’s ability to provide services to Canadians and limit its ability to effectively manage the public service workforce.”