The funds for the training and support of unemployed people not be retrieved in Germany in full. The response of the Federal employment Agency (BA) on a request from the Left in the Bundestag. Of € 3.93 billion euros that had been provided by the employment Agency 2018 recipients of unemployment benefit I, remained 1.09 billion left over – so a lot of money for a number of years.

Regional there are large differences: While in Saxony, of 2018, only 13 percent of available funds were left in lower Saxony and Bremen 30 percent.

The labour market policy spokeswoman for the Left parliamentary group, Sabine Zimmermann, requested the employment Agency, the money can be better utilised. A spokesman for BA said: “The decline in expenditure reflected the positive trend on the labour market. Falling unemployment and rising employment act to relieve the strain on the budget.” The utilization of the budget to say nothing about the quality of the services.

five years Ago, to 1.02 billion euros, according to the BA for appropriate action unused. The annual amount is then decreased until 2016 to 0.69 billion, and rose again. In addition to, continuing vocational training is funded with the available funds, other integration measures.