ARCHIV - 21.08.2022, Berlin: Christian Lindner (FDP), Bundesminister der Finanzen, sitzt beim Sommerinterview des ARD-«Berichts aus Berlin» auf der Terrasse des Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Hauses. Lindner hat Tempo bei der Reform des Strommarktes angemahnt. Dabei kritisierte er die stark gestiegene Gewinne der Betreiber von Windrädern, Solaranlagen und Kohlekraftwerken. Foto: Christophe Gateau/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The FDP parliamentary group is demanding that the federal government’s third relief package should explicitly include aid measures for pensioners and students. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the cabinet will meet for a closed meeting in Meseberg, Brandenburg – new measures to relieve the population are also on the agenda.

“In the current budget year, any further one-off state support as crisis measures before the coming winter should, from the Free Democrats’ point of view, be concentrated on those who particularly need it, in particular pensioners and students,” quotes the “Spiegel” from the position paper.

The SPD faction had already published a draft resolution for a third relief package at the weekend. In addition to pensioners and students, lower-income citizens should also receive help. However, the SPD draft also envisages a successor model for the nine-euro ticket and the expansion of renewable energies.

In its paper, the FDP parliamentary group demands that the third relief package “should by no means be a hodgepodge”, quotes the “Spiegel”. Rather, the package should consist of “a few, but well coordinated, effective and unbureaucratic measures”. Especially in times of crisis, we need “clarity and traceability,” it goes on to say.