This year, Ascension Day falls on Thursday, May 9th. The day is considered a public holiday in all federal states, which is why almost all shops are open – but there are exceptions. FOCUS Online has summarized for you where you can shop and when.

Father’s Day is celebrated in Germany on Ascension Day. The day is a public holiday in all federal states. Ascension Day is also a public holiday in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark.

In Germany, offices and schools as well as most shops are closed on public holidays. However, supermarkets and drugstores for travel needs are exempt from this rule and are also open on public holidays. These can usually be found at train stations in large cities. FOCUS Online shows you an overview of where you can buy groceries in major German cities on Ascension Day:






In addition, some gas stations are also open on public holidays, as are train stations, bakeries or some pharmacies because they have special opening hours.

More about Father’s Day:

May 9, 2024 is Father’s Day. But why do we celebrate the day at all and why is it always a holiday? FOCUS online offers an overview of the most interesting information about Father’s Day.