Education Minister Bernard Drainville considers it “unacceptable” that the telephone line set up by his own ministry to report a situation of misconduct or sexual violence in a school systematically sends people to a voicemail.

The minister reacted on Friday through his press secretary. “Corrections will be made,” said Florence Plourde.

La Presse reported on Friday morning that the line set up by the Ministry of Education to report a situation of sexual misconduct or violence does not allow you to speak directly to someone immediately, even during opening hours. in Week. 1833 DENONCE invites those who call to leave their name and telephone number and wait for a return call.

The government is sending a very “bad message” to victims by not providing immediate help to those who try to report a situation of misconduct or sexual violence in a school, estimated Friday the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ).

The CSQ believes that no matter who chooses to report a situation experienced in a school, that person must receive “prompt and direct assistance”.

“Otherwise, it’s just window dressing and more likely to fuel cynicism. And that’s really not the message to send to the victims, who are showing a lot of courage, “said its president Éric Gingras in a press release.

Quebec solidaire’s education critic also considers the situation “unacceptable”.

“When it comes to sexual assault, the government needs to listen to the experts. They tell us that a voicemail is not a solution,” says Ruba Ghazal.

Organizations that work with victims of sexual violence have indeed testified to La Presse that it is “essential” that those who pick up the phone to report a situation can speak to someone in person.

Liberal Party education critic Marwah Rizqy says it’s “ridiculous” that the Quebec City phone service puts complainants to voicemail and isn’t available 24 hours a day.

“A phone line with no contact person doesn’t make sense!” It’s a bit like a hospital without nursing staff, ”said Joël Arseneau, Parti Québécois MP for the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Ruba Ghazal calls on Minister Drainville to “go beyond a phone line and pass framework legislation to combat sexual violence in our schools”.