Factory fire in Pakistan – the regional court of Dortmund has a lawsuit against KiK from The textile discounter KiK no pain money must pay in four Affected individuals of a factory fire in Pakistan. According to the court, the claims of the plaintiff are time-barred. © Photo: ASIF HASSAN / AFP/

figures of The textile discounter KiK have to be in a factory fire in Pakistan in front of a good six years, no pain money. The Dortmunder regional court dismissed the application brought by four Pakistanis. The asserted claims of 30,000 euros per affected Person were Statute-barred under Pakistani law, told the judge.

In the case of the fire in the garment factory Ali Enterprises in Karachi came in September 2012, a total of 258 people to death and many more have been injured. The plaintiffs, three survivors and a Survivor, the wanted KiK must stand as the main customer of the factory for any brand defects.

Whether or not the plaintiff to go in appeal, you will want to decide according to the organization European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) after evaluation of the written grounds for the judgment. The applicants from Pakistan claimed that KiK does not have effect in the case of its suppliers sufficient compliance with safety standards and fire protection requirements – although KiK was obliged to control Standards set.

discounters denies allegations

KiK back the. The fire had been caused by a terrorist arson attack, for the KiK no fault meet. The factory had no fire safety deficiencies.

The action of the Pakistanis was already in March 2015 at the Dortmunder regional court is pending. In the summer of 2016, said the court, the four Concerned legal aid for a lawsuit in Germany to cost, but stressed at the same time, so that no examination of the prospects of success.

about the complaints had to be dealt with according to Pakistani law. In the result, the Dortmunder civil chamber sought an opinion as to Pakistani law, the question of a possible Statute of limitations came to the fore. The expert from the United Kingdom came to the conclusion that the possible claims were time-barred under Pakistani law. The court followed its decision.