What to do when the pressure becomes too great? A young woman reports on social media about a horror job interview that completely overwhelmed her.

“I just cried in an interview,” is the title of a young woman in an honest post on the social media platform Reddit. The 29-year-old was so taken aback by unexpected, in-depth questions while presenting a case study she was working on that she broke down emotionally. She says she had never experienced such a scenario before and she finds it extremely embarrassing.

New information that was not mentioned in the interview or via email exchange surprised her enormously. Combined with the intense pressure she felt from the probing questions, this caused the applicant to feel extremely tense.

“I was simply overwhelmed,” the 29-year-old admits in her text. The questions just kept coming. “I tried to act normal and control myself, but I kept crying,” said the woman, who tried to dismiss her physical reaction as an allergy. “I don’t think they believed me, but they didn’t bring it up again either.”

In her post, the woman explains that she is usually nervous in job interviews, but that this is usually kept under control. She cannot explain why this interview threw her off track so much. She now fears that such an incident could happen again.

“I’m just trying to accept that this is who I am and work on it, but it’s just so damn hard,” writes the woman, who also blames her fit of tears on the fact that she was on her period.

Another woman reported on social media some time ago about an unbelievable job rejection. Melissa was apparently only denied a job because she was wearing no makeup during the interview.

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