Controversial relationship model: An influencer demands “rent” from her boyfriend for overnight stays on the weekend. Her method causes heated debates.

Colombian influencer Marystella “Malle” Gómez has sparked controversy after revealing that she charges her boyfriend if he sleeps at her place on the weekends. As the British Daily Mail reports, Gómez explained in a podcast that she then asks her boyfriend to pay every time.

The Instagrammer, known for her global travels, attracted attention when she said on the Los Platos Sucios podcast: “I mean, are the services here free? Is the water free here? I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

Gómez even claimed to have convinced her friends about the practice. But not everyone agreed with her point of view. According to the Daily Mail, there was strong criticism of her stance from various quarters. Ana Maria, another podcast participant, replied: “If a man ever asks me for a fee, forget it.”

The influencer’s statements also sparked a heated debate on social media. Many users were critical of Gómez’s actions. For example, one commenter wrote, “No, it’s like my boyfriend charging me money every time he picks me up and takes me home.” Another accused her of being “extremely stingy.”

But there was also support for the influencer. Some said they had made similar arrangements with their partners. One person wrote: “Before we lived together, mine always stayed Thursday through Monday. One day I told him that he had to pay the utilities, and that’s how it was.”

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