(Washington) The migration situation at the border with Mexico will turn into “chaos” and “nightmare” starting next week, Republicans in the United States Congress warned on Wednesday, due to the expiration of a health measure allowing migrants to be expelled without delay.

The expiry of this device, known as “Title 42”, has authorities fearing a spike in illegal entries into the United States, a hypothesis that worries the Biden administration, accused by the opposition of worsening the situation. ongoing crisis.

May 11, when the measure expires, will be “a nightmare day for Americans, especially for residents of New Mexico and Texas,” two states bordering Mexico, Senator Lindsey Graham said during a a press conference.

“America is under siege,” the Republican tenor assured.

The Republican expects that the end of this “Title 42” will lead to a doubling of the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico and that the border police will be overwhelmed.

A total of 900,000 to 1.1 million migrants will cross the border in “the next 90 days”, he said.

“Title 42”, allowing the immediate return of migrants without visas, including asylum seekers, was reactivated in 2020 by the administration of former President Donald Trump, in the name of the fight against the pandemic of coronavirus. His successor, Joe Biden, extended its validity.

Lindsey Graham and other Republican senators have urged President Biden to keep this health device, even as the government continues to lift anti-COVID-19 measures and will end, as of May 11, the vaccination obligation for international travelers and federal officials.

“I’ve asked Democrats to join our effort not to end ‘Title 42’ on May 11. It has been used 2.3 million times to deport people who entered here illegally,” Graham said.

With a view to lifting the device, the administration of President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that it would send 1,500 additional soldiers to the United States border with Mexico to support the 2,500 soldiers already assisting the border police.

“Title 42” will be replaced by “Title 8” which, unlike the first provision, provides for possible criminal prosecution of returned migrants without visas, authorities said.