BMW will have to pay because of misconduct in the exhaust gas scandal and a fine of 8.5 million euros. The car manufacturer had installed a faulty exhaust gas cleaning systems in thousands of diesel cars, what is negligent supervision, breach of duty of the company, informed the Munich public prosecution office I. A fraud, you have not been able to prove. The group have accepted the fine already, all the investigations were completed.

The Prosecutor’s office had begun the investigation at the beginning of last year, with the suspicion that BMW built the same car as the competition from Volkswagen and Audi of illegal defeat devices the cleaning of exhaust gases of his Diesel. Ultimately, the investigators found “neither evidence that in the case of the model test series, in fact, related to the shutdown of the facilities would be used, that employees of the BMW AG have acted with intent,” it said.

Instead, the eye-catching exhaust gas values of some of the cars according to the investigation by a “faulty Calibration” of the engine control. This ensured that the nitrogen oxide catalyst of the cars is controlled at a certain temperature until the next engine shut-Off rain. As a result, the cars launched significantly more nitrogen oxide than allowed. Of this error were affected, according to the Prosecutor of the world’s potentially 7.965 vehicles.

prosecutors put BMW to the load, to have no appropriate quality assurance operated. With the fine now economic benefits of the company that is to be gathered. For the benefit of the company, the state evaluated the lawyers, that BMW “cooperated fully and in the meantime, extensive and appropriate quality assurance measures it has taken, which is why there is reason to believe that such Events in the future will not repeat”.

BMW comes with the fine significantly lower than Volkswagen and Audi. These had to pay last year, a billion euros and 800 million euros in fines for breach of regulatory obligations. However, fraud investigations, due to the diesel scandal to run against their employees. For BMW, the criminal is done with the legal side of the scandal now.