A seniors’ association in Bavaria is committed to combating the housing shortage. You support a project that offers housing for students in exchange for hours of help.

The housing shortage in Germany is great. For many low-income earners or even students, it is hardly possible to find affordable housing. In contrast, there are many houses in which seniors live alone in very small spaces. A seniors’ association in Rosenheim, Bavaria, has now presented a concept. The project is called “Housing for Help,” as the “Oberbayerische Volksblatt” reports.

The idea: use open spaces in large houses and support seniors at the same time. The concept is based on the principle of exchange aid: the seniors “rent” part of their apartment to students, whereby the rent is not paid in money, but in “hours of care per square meter”.

“A win-win situation,” says Inge Ilgenfritz from the Pro-Senioren association to the “OVB” and reports on success stories. Everyone who took the “risk” was satisfied and would prefer not to give up “their” students anymore.

Detailed “rental agreements” are used in which the needs of both parties are listed, so that the fear of being marginalized in one’s own apartment does not even arise. The Initiative Pro Seniors e.V. Rosenheim helps interested parties with placement.

Pensioner Helga is already taking in students. Since her husband’s death, she has lived alone in a large house with a garden in Upper Bavaria. When it all became too much for her, she decided to take this big step – and hasn’t regretted it.

Since she was 19, Anouk has been unable to eat without pain without vomiting. Doctors diagnosed Dunbar syndrome. The 25-year-old explains how much it limits her – but she doesn’t give up hope.

There are clear words from North Rhine-Westphalia: The new Islamism report warns of small groups and solo perpetrators – often lured in by jihadist propaganda. In addition, the NRW state security officers have noticed increasing contacts between Salafist preachers and criminal Kurdish-Lebanese clans.