anyone Who has in any EU state are entitled to children’s money, get this power even if he loses his Job and his children the Land do not live in the EU. The EU regulation on the coordination of social security systems is to be interpreted as meaning that employment is not a requirement for family benefits, the European court of justice (ECJ) in the case of a living in Ireland, Romanians. The claim was also not limited to the fact that the applicant had previously received a contribution – based performance – such as unemployment benefit.

Specifically in the case of the Romanians, the received in Ireland unemployment benefits. He complained on children’s money for his living in Romania for children. (Az. C-322/17) since 2003, in Ireland, living plaintiff was in 2009, unemployed. He then received a one-year contribution-based unemployment benefit and child benefit. In the following three years, he got a post-independent support, but no children of money. Before the High court of justice in Ireland, he complained that this was against Union rules on coordination of social security systems. The Irish court submitted the case to the ECJ on the interpretation of Union law.

around two weeks Ago, the EU Commission initiated an infringement procedure against Austria. The government has made of the amount of the child benefit payments of the cost of living in the country in which the child lives. Such a regime of Germany has called for the CSU. The number of recipients of the German child allowance abroad had risen sharply recently.