calls between EU States may soon cost only 19 cents per Minute. The European Parliament has voted for new rules. It is irrelevant whether it is mobile phones or landline phones. The cost per SMS will be capped at a maximum of six cents. Now must be formally approved by the Council of the member States before the new price ceilings on 15. May 2019.

The new legislative package, in addition to the cost of the conversion in front of the ceiling a kind of reverse call. In the case of dangerous large as terrorist attacks and natural disasters, the mobile phone should be warned layers of users via SMS or App. Such a System should provide the EU member States within 18 months after the official adoption of the EU rules on the legs.

in Addition, incentives for the construction of a faster Internet. For example, to allow telecommunications companies to work together, in remote areas the broadband expansion. Also, the package stipulates that by 2020, the frequencies for the mobile network of the fifth Generation (5G) should be available. The EU countries should be awarded the corresponding spectra for the 20 years of telecommunications companies. This perspective is intended to ensure the company’s higher level of security for investments.

Already in the summer of last year, the so-called roaming had been abolished fees for calls from outside the EU. Calls made from the home to networks abroad were not affected, however, by these rules, which criticized consumer advocates.