The European Parliament will be elected in Germany on June 9, 2024. In order to vote, you must take some documents with you to the polling station. Here you can find out what they are.

In order to cast your vote for the 2024 European elections, you must have some documents with you.

You will receive your voting notification by post approximately four to six weeks before the election. It contains all the important information about which polling station and which room you can vote in. If you have lost your voting notification, you can still vote. If you are on the voters’ list, you only need to bring an ID card to the polling station. To find out whether you are on the voters’ list, you can call your town hall or your town or municipality.

While the voting notification can optionally be taken with you, an identification document must definitely be presented to the poll workers. This can be your ID card or your passport. If your document has expired, that is no problem either. The ID card is primarily used to identify you using your photo. You cannot vote without ID.

In Germany, political elections are secret ballots. That means you are alone in the voting booth. If you need an assistant due to a physical impairment, this person can also go with you to the voting booth. However, they must first identify themselves to the electoral board at the polling station.

In principle, you can also take your cell phone with you into the voting booth. Making phone calls in the cabin is not expressly prohibited. However, the secrecy of the vote must also be maintained here.

Since it is difficult to understand whether it is a normal telephone call or a video call, the electoral board can also prevent this: taking photos or filming in the booth is prohibited.