The SPD reacted to the Sylt video in a post on social media – and triggered a shitstorm of its own. Because the party itself quotes the previously criticized neo-Nazi slogan.

They sing “Foreigners out” and “Germany for the Germans”: The video from Sylt, in which young people shout right-wing slogans while celebrating, is astonishing – and provokes numerous reactions from politicians. Including the SPD.

In a post, Germany’s Social Democratic Party wrote: “Germany to the Germans who defend our democracy,” along with a call to vote for the SPD in the European elections on June 9. The post triggers a real shitstorm on social media.

“I have no idea about politics, but is it really so smart to advertise with the statement ‘Germany for the Germans’, dear SPD? Isn’t that a no-go, no matter what follows (especially since you certainly ‘accept’ foreigners in Germany, right?” writes lawyer Christian Conrad on X.

“With all my love, such a posting one day after the Sylt video is absolutely unworthy of a venerable party like the SPD without question,” criticizes FDP politician Anna Neumann. Another X user writes: “People on Sylt shout racist slogans and the SPD has nothing better to do than post a ‘Germany for the Germans’ pun? Weak, SPD, even for you.”

The SPD promptly deleted the post. “We did not manage to strike a tone that would resonate with everyone. We would like to sincerely apologize for that.”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz strongly condemned the racist shouting of young people in front of the restaurant on Sylt, which was captured on video. “It’s very clear: such slogans are disgusting, they are not acceptable,” said the SPD politician on Friday in Berlin. “And there can be no mistaking it. And that’s why it’s right that all of our activities are aimed at precisely preventing this from becoming a thing that spreads.” The state security agency is investigating sedition and the use of unconstitutional license plates. The video from Sylt was passed on to the police.