The Euro-States should, according to the will of the German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) on the use of funds in the proposed Euro zone budget. “We know that we need, in addition to the opportunities we have, for example, by the common policy and activity of the Central Bank, also independent ways to influence the economic development of Europe, in the framework of the Euro,” said Scholz, at the Meeting of European Finance Ministers in Bucharest.

“let us imagine, that takes place in the framework of the EU, associated with the budget, but that there is a Governance where, in the structures of the EU countries with the Euro have the choice of a particular decision on the use of the facilities.”

The EU heads of state and heads of government had mandated the Minister of Finance in December, a Budget for the 19 countries in the common currency area. For the common household, especially the French President, Emmanuel Macron was used. The common budget to facilitate investment, strengthen competitiveness and convergence of economic conditions. The Budget should be a part of the total EU budget. It is planned that countries which want to join the Eurozone in the foreseeable future, could participate voluntarily to the community budget.

The EU countries are not yet agreed on who should decide on the allocation of the funds.