Several British companies are preparing for a Brexit without agreement. Among other things, the airline announced easyJet measures. Target is the pan-European flight operations for the case of an unregulated exit apply to save Britain from the EU, the company said.

EasyJet is trying to make a part of its shareholders from the UK and other countries outside the European economic area to get rid of. Chief Johan Lundgren wants to ensure that the airline at the latest on 29. March is majority-owned by shareholders from the EU economic area. This is considered to be necessary in order for the Airline on routes within the EU is allowed to fly.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May had negotiated for months with the European Union, an exit agreement, but was rejected in mid-January in Parliament with a broad majority. A fundamentally new strategy for the EU exit do not put forward so far. Demands for a second Brexit Referendum, they rejected, as well as a shift in the for the 29. March planned outlet. In the case of Unger Brexits apply threaten serious consequences for the UK and parts of the economy in the States bordering the EU.

the UK – Theresa May introduces new Brexit Plan, The British Prime Minister has presented to the outlet in the lower house to your Plan B for the EU. Critically, the border continues to be the situation between the EU member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland. © Photograph: Jack Taylor/ shipping company wants to register ferries in Cyprus

The register of British shipping company P&O announced that their registered in the UK, four ferries in front of the Brexit in Cyprus. The company hopes to be able to as a result, the EU tax rules continue to apply. Already in December, P&O had announced, to leave two between France and the United Kingdom ferry services in the Cyprus register. You are now registered in Cyprus Limassol.

So it goes with the Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May, has introduced in the house of their further procedure for Brexit. The graph shows what could happen now.


The British car manufacturer Bentley has warned that an unregulated Brexit could prevent the company generates this year, for the first time. Bentley was a company boss Adrian Hallmark, on the way back in the black. “If we get a hard-on Brexit, would meet us this year, because we really have a Chance to create a black Zero, the reversal of the trend,” says Hallmark of the Reuters news Agency.

vacuum cleaner manufacturer, relocated its headquarters to Singapore

The British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson announced plans to relocate its headquarters to Singapore. The company insisted, however, that’s not the forthcoming Brexit is the reason, but, above all, the growing importance of Asia for the business of vacuum cleaner manufacturer. In Asia, a growing majority of the Dyson were now customers, and all production sites, it said. The company’s founder, James Dyson, was in the meantime, as a prominent supporter of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Many of the British representatives of industry have Long warned of the consequences of leaving the EU without agreement. In the case of an unregulated EU would no longer be the exit of the British from one day to the other part of countless contracts and agreements. Above all, they were without free trade agreements, concluded by the EU for its member countries. The trade would expire, in accordance with the rules of the world trade organization. This means that the external tariffs of the EU would apply to the United Kingdom as a third state. At the same time customs and border controls would be due and payable immediately, such as in the ports of Dover and Calais.

Both the EU and the UK have, however, taken precautions in order to avoid the worst of it. The UK will immediately comply with unilaterally and voluntarily a number of EU regulations, to be able to continue with the EU-the single market act. In important areas, such as aviation and medical care are paving the way for an agreement with the EU.