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men and women are equal – that is for almost 70 years, in the Constitution, the reality of life looks different. Neither in politics nor in economy or science, women are equally represented at the top. Despite the quota and of the many political efforts, the share of women in management positions in Germany has fallen slightly and is, according to the Federal statistical office, 29 percent. Worldwide there are 34 percent, and the Federal lands in the new Ranking of the world economic forum on the state of equality-on the 14. In the previous year, Germany was still on the twelfth place. In 2006, the first year of the report, it was still the fifth place.

However, this year’s Global Gender Gap Report also notes that the state of equality in total on the world deteriorated slightly. So the gap between men and women is closed in the world at 68 per cent, which is 0.3 percent less than in the previous year.

The world economic forum analyzes four factors in his study: the economic opportunities, political participation, the level of education and access to medical care and Hygiene, or the life expectancy of men and women in a country. But it is not considered, which level of development a country is. So it is that poorer countries such as Nicaragua (5. Place), Rwanda (6. Space) and Namibia (10. Place) in the Ranking in front of the Federal Republic of land.

according to The study, particularly in crisis and war regions, access to health, education, and political participation for women is deteriorating. Therefore, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen occupy the last places in the Ranking.

In other countries, especially in the booming emerging countries and in the West, do something: In Germany, the law for Pay equity in power to help to shrink the income gap between men and women, for example, appeared at the beginning of the year. In Iceland, the Ranking has always been a place, joined 2018 a similar force of law. Since this year, men and women with the same qualifications and work the same. Globally, the income gap between the sexes at 51 percent. This is reflected in the Ranking: It is mainly the different wages, with a negative impact in the result.

In Germany, a gap of 21 percent, when compared to all the men and women’s wages, in Iceland, 17%. In the Scandinavian country, which is realized in the equality according to the world economic forum, 85 per cent. But also for the Icelanders on the inside and Icelanders must do something else: on the topic of equal opportunities in the labour market and women in management positions, especially in politics.

The political participation of women is a Problem worldwide: if there are a few of the head of state of the interior such as Angela Merkel in Germany or Jacinda Ardern in new Zealand, with an average of occupy women and only 24 per cent of all seats in parliaments, the study.