The U.S. Senate has confirmed the former lobbyists from the coal industry, Andrew Wheeler as the new Director of the EPA. 52 and senators voted for the appeal Wheelers, 47 voted.

Wheeler was nominated by US President Donald Trump. He held the office, however, already acting, because the previous boss Scott Pruitt had resigned due to ethical misconduct in the past July.

opposition Democrats are opposed to Wheeler, because of the fear of him the withdrawal of environmental legislation. In the past, had used Wheeler for a dismantling of environmental regulations for companies. In addition, he had on several occasions, expressed doubts about a human influence on the climate.

An Association of coal producers, America’s Power, while welcoming Wheeler’s confirmation. As a managing EPA administrator, he had “proved to be a thoughtful leader who understands the need for a sensible environmental policy,” said Association head of Michelle Bloodworth.

The EPA had been circumcised under the previous Director Pruitt in your skills and your impact. So, scientists of the authority were replaced in addition to budget cuts by industry representatives. In the election campaign, Trump had announced that they want to completely abolish it. His goal is to make reforms to the climate change and water protection of the presidency of Barack Obama to undo.