(OTTAWA) An environmental group says the woman who took the stage topless at the Juno Awards has now sprayed pink paint on the front doors of the prime minister’s office in Ottawa.

On2Ottawa posted photos and a video to its Twitter account showing the woman tossing a bucket of what appears to be pink paint over the entrance, then posing topless for a photo next to a sign saying ” Let’s demand climate action now.”

A statement from the group says the woman also chained herself to the entrance.

At this time, neither the Prime Minister’s Office nor Ottawa Police have commented.

Casey Hatherly, who goes by the name Ever, caught national attention last month when she took the stage at the Juno Awards while singer Avril Lavigne performed.

She was shirtless and the messages written on her upper body included “land back” and “save the Greenbelt”, in reference to Ontario’s decision last year to make a protected area accessible for the construction of accommodations.

Following the Juno Award episode, she was charged with mischief and said at the time that she worked with the group On2Ottawa.