England’s Phil Foden Dilemma: Finding the Best Role for Manchester City’s Star Boy

GOAL – Phil Foden, the talented midfielder from Manchester City, has been a shining star in the Premier League with his exceptional performances. As England gears up for Euro 2024, they have the privilege of having the best player from the Premier League in their squad after eight years. Foden’s impressive season saw him clinch awards such as the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year and the Premier League Player of the Season, with 27 goals and 12 assists to his name. The upcoming PFA award in August is also expected to land in his hands.

The history of England’s high-performing players heading into major tournaments has been a mixed bag. Previous winners like Jordan Henderson in 2020 and Jamie Vardy in 2016 did not live up to expectations. Vardy, in 2016, struggled to make an impact as a substitute in England’s defeat against Iceland, while Rooney’s injury concerns in 2010 hindered his performance in the World Cup. However, Foden’s fitness and starting position in the Euros are not in question.

The focus now shifts to Gareth Southgate’s dilemma of how to effectively utilize Foden in the team. The versatile midfielder’s role in the system remains a topic of debate. With his exceptional skill set and form, Southgate faces the challenge of maximizing Foden’s potential on the field. As England prepares for Euro 2024, all eyes will be on how Southgate navigates this tactical puzzle to ensure the best out of Manchester City’s rising star.