The car maker Volkswagen wants to sell on the way in the era of electric mobility in future green energy. For this purpose, the group establishes a new subsidiary with the name Elli. VW driver, but also companies and Private customers should be able to apply starting in February green, completely CO2-free electricity, as the company announced. Part of the offer should be, among other things, different rates, load boxes for the Garage and charging stations around the supermarket Parking.

in Addition, VW payroll services and additional digital services plans for Private and commercial customers. Of VW promise, in particular, new opportunities for the retention of existing and development of new customer groups, he said, the VW brand Manager at Thomas Ulbrich. The offer is intended to be final, if the first electric car of the new I. D.-the family of VW at the beginning of 2020 comes on the market. For the car, only the project name Neo is known, VW is currently in Zwickau its production.

Currently, the Management of Elli talking with major retail chains about partnerships to build charging points at customer Parking areas, it said. In a first step, staff and employee Parking from Volkswagen to be supplied reinforced with charging stations, by 2020 their number is expected to rise from 1,000 to more than 5,000. In addition, until then, all of 4,000 dealers and service partners are to be equipped in the European Union with several charging options. Elli has its headquarters in Berlin.

The group is investing heavily in electric mobility. By 2025 at the latest, the VW brand is supposed to build throughout the world, more than a Million E-Mobile-a-year, group-wide, it should be up to three million.