A change in the law will take effect on July 1st that will affect millions of households. Many now have to sign new TV contracts, otherwise they will be banned from that day onwards. How to find out if you are affected.

According to analyzes last year, the average German aged 14 and over watched over three hours (200 minutes) of television per day. When it comes to streaming, linear TV is often said to be dead, but it is still not entirely unimportant in everyday life.

A major change currently affects over 12 million households whose television reception is via cable. Because of the abolition of the additional cost privilege, the TV connection can no longer be billed as additional rental costs. Households can freely choose their TV reception.

If you want to continue watching television, you then have to make a decision, because Vodafone is already blocking users who use the television offer unjustifiably. The problem: Many citizens are not sure whether they are even affected by the new legal regulation. But there are several ways to find out.

Sky TV is an alternative to cable connection with all important FreeTV channels in HD. There is also live sports news and, if desired, other series and also Netflix.

There are several ways you can find out whether you are affected by the end of the additional charge privilege or not. This is only about households that receive TV via cable and whose connection is currently billed through the additional rental costs.

But be careful, the online exams will direct you straight to the relevant offers from the cable providers. But the thing is, you have the freedom to choose. You can of course stick with the cable provider, but you can also look for one of the numerous alternatives for TV reception.