The U.S. electric car maker Tesla has delivered in the first quarter, contrary to previous forecasts, significantly less vehicles. As the company announced, were, on the whole, has been approximately delivered of 63,000 cars. This is a decrease of 31 percent compared to the previous quarter and significantly less than analysts predicted.

the reason for the decline is, according to Tesla, the focus on international markets. This will have a longer delivery time. The mass production is still relatively inexperienced company had therefore problems to meet the delivery at the beginning of the Model 3 to Europe and China.

the production fell overall: Tesla produced during the first quarter of the year 77.100 vehicles to 86.555 cars in the previous quarter. This corresponds to a decline of about eleven percent. On the Model 3 62.950 piece accounted for accordingly. Were delivered to a total of 50.900 models of this type of vehicle. This corresponds to quarter-to-quarter comparison, a decline of about 20 percent. Analysts had expected 58.900.

The Model 3 as the hope of the company. In order to reach the mass market customers, the group for about a month in a cost-effective Version of the car for $ 35,000. To Finance the lower price, however, according to information from Tesla company would have to close their own outlets. Instead, you have to wave on the online sale.

The reduced sales volumes and price adjustments could weigh on the net profit of the company in the first quarter, Tesla. CEO Elon Musk had previously announced in February, in the first quarter of a loss to be recorded.