The electric car manufacturer Tesla wants to increase starting next week, the prices of several models by an average of three percent. The prices for the more expensive variants of the model 3, model S and model X. The base price of 35,000 US dollars for the new volume model model 3 to be raised according to the company, is to be retained.

The company had planned, due to branch closures to save costs. To do this, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave at the end of February, most of the shops and the sale is only online. Now, however, more stores are to remain open. But lower costs could be saved, which is why a price increase was necessary: “We will close only about half as many stores, but also the cost reductions are thus only about half as high,” said Tesla.

The Plan is the sale only online, there is. In the shops, potential customers should be forwarded, only, a order on the Smartphone. Vehicles for test drives should be available, contrary to Musks announcement.

A part of the shops were already closed, is now to be re-opened, but with fewer employees. Tesla operates unlike other manufacturers, the car houses themselves, rather than the sale of franchise companies.

In Germany, the US electric car manufacturer has currently twelve branches and seven service centres.