The U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla has announced a reduction of seven per cent. The “other way is very difficult,” wrote CEO Elon Musk in an E-Mail to employees. Tesla hope to generate in the current quarter, a “tiny profit”. The reduction was necessary to achieve the cost savings at the same time, production of the Model 3.

mid-October, Musk had estimated the number of employees, with 45,000 – that would mean the removal of 3,000 Posts. After the announcement, Tesla shares fell in pre-market by four percent.

Tesla offers the Model 3 now, the first cheaper E-car and wants to enter into mass production. Musk, Tesla wrote in the third quarter of last year in the black, and probably also in the fourth quarter, a profit, albeit lower than in the previous quarter. In the current quarter, a profit was possible because of the sale of the Model-a 3-course sedans in Europe and Asia.