For the current year, attributed to the Federal government, apparently, with a low level of economic growth. According to information of the mirror’s economy Minister, Peter Altmaier, is only of 0.5 percent. In January was of an economic growth of 1.0 per cent. The was a decline in the previous autumn forecast, which stood at 1.8 percent.

For the coming year Altmaier expects according to the report, but with a Plus of 1.5 percent. Officially announced the new estimate until next Wednesday. Until then, the Figures may change marginally. As the reason for the slowdown, weak exports of the German industry, which in part have to do with trade disputes between the United States and China and the United States and Europe.

For weeks, the experts revise their growth expectations for the current year-to-bottom. Finally, the leading economic institutes lowered their growth forecast for gross domestic product, which serves the Federal government as a Basis for their own forecasts, from 1.9 to 0.8 percent.

The reduction also has an impact on the budget plans of the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz. The prognosis is considered to be the basis for the tax estimate in early may. It is already foreseeable that the tax revenue behind the previous expectations. Despite these setbacks, Scholz wants to hold on but the “black Zero”, i.e. a balanced budget with no new debt.