prices for flights within the EU must not be given to a judgment of the European court of justice in any currency. You must, however, be called mandatory in Euro. Airlines that don’t show the prices in euros, would have to choose at least one currency, with the flying lens, stated the judges in Luxembourg (case C-330/17).

This was especially the case in those currencies at the Start or the destination legal tender. In addition to the Euro, the 19 countries as a currency, there are in the community of nine other currencies.

the Background to the decision is a case from Germany, the Verbraucherzentrale Baden-Württemberg brought an action against the German cheap airline Germanwings. Germanwings had indicated in September 2014, the price for a flight from London to Stuttgart on its website exclusively in British pounds. A customer who had booked the flight, complained subsequently to the consumer.

saw This in the fact that the price was not specified in the in Germany, the common currency, the Euro, wrongdoing and complained. Because the pound is in point of departure the UK but legal tender, see the judges in Luxembourg no violation of EU law.