The WWE athlete-turned-actor talked out about the notion of diving into politics following a survey claimed he’s a huge show of support from Americans who would support him and Matthew McConaughey as Texas Governor.

He responded to the outcomes on his social networking reports Saturday, calling the public’s aid”humbling.”

“I really don’t believe our Founding Fathers EVER pictured a six-four, bald, sexy, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pickup truck driving, fanny pack sporting guy linking their bar – however when it happens it would be my honour to serve you, the people,” Johnson tweeted.

Back in February, the”Jumanji” celebrity spoke to USA Today regarding the chance — he did not rule it out.

“I’d think about a presidential run later on if that is exactly what the people wanted,” he advised the socket. “Really I mean , and I am not flippant whatsoever with my response. That would be around the folks… So I’d wait, and I’d listen.”

He clarified :”I’d have my finger on the heartbeat, my ear to the floor ”

The celebrity is not famous for talking about politics frequently broke his own routine annually to endorse Joe Biden for president within his very first public financing of a candidate.

Following Biden’s triumph, he shared a second video into Instagram congratulating the president on his success, admitting he sensed”psychological” when the news broke.

“The reason I got psychological yesterday was due to what I sensed my vote signified. I was speaking to Lauren, my spouse, we had been speaking about both little baby girls and that is what my vote signified,” he explained at the moment.

Johnson continued:”My vote signified my small girls, my vote signified humankind, my vote signified decency, it reflected the principles and values we teach our small girls and my vote too, for me, reflected the significance of being a good, decent human being and just how significant that is.”

Meanwhile, the McConaughey is just another star who is discussed a glimpse into politics. The Texas native has been requested about running for governor within his home country, which he has not precisely mastered.