Toyota makes up its cooperation with the German environmental aid will expire. The company spokesman Thomas scarf, Berger said TIME ONLINE, and thus confirmed a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The group had worked for twenty years for various projects with the non-governmental organization, in price, for example on the topics of lead-free petrol and of the German climate protection.

lately, the environment, aid has been criticized, because they rode to court in several cities, and driving bans for older diesel cars. It was also argued that the environmental Finance help with money to a foreign car company, and with the driving and especially German manufacturers of prohibited claims.

Toyota spokesman scarf Berger said that it had always only been a project-related cooperation. Toyota is not a Sponsor of the environmental help. The most recent study to Taxis with hybrid engines was completed successfully and no further joint project is planned. Scarf, Berger is not from the castle to request that Toyota will work together again in the future with the environment help, but it was “speculation”.

A connection with the driving bans there, a scarf, Berger looks to emphasize: “We have nothing against the Diesel, we will offer him more, also in Germany.”

For the Director of environmental assistance, Jürgen Resch, the exit of Toyota “surprising”. The public pressure on the manufacturer and the “negative press” had become too big. “Toyota has constantly get accused of, that they support us,” said Resch. He pointed out that the environment have appealed for help against the Japanese group, and Toyota-Diesel are just as affected by driving bans.

For the financing of the environmental aid is the end of the cooperation with Toyota Resch, irrelevant. For the projects to have received 30,000 Euro in the year. The car manufacturers have never contributed more than one percent to the Budget of the environmental assistance. In the past few years, for example, the Telekom have backed out because of public pressure, but again and again donors. The environmental assistance is received, according to Resch, more and more money through donations from citizens.