Dublin Archbishop Seeks Papal Designation for New Cathedral and Basilica

In a groundbreaking move, Archbishop Dermot Farrell of Dublin is planning to petition Pope Francis for the designation of a new cathedral and basilica in the city center. The proposal includes making St Mary’s Pro Cathedral on Marlborough Street the official Cathedral of the Archdiocese and designating St Andrew’s Church on Westland Row as a Minor Basilica.

This initiative comes as Dublin currently lacks a functioning Catholic cathedral, with Christ Church Cathedral having been under the ownership of the Church of Ireland for centuries. Archbishop Farrell aims to establish a pastoral and missionary strategy by elevating St Mary’s and St Andrew’s as key centers of faith within the Dublin diocese.

During a recent homily, Archbishop Farrell emphasized the importance of revitalizing city centers and providing meaningful spaces for communities to gather and connect. He highlighted the need for the Church to engage with individuals who may not have strong ties to traditional parish structures, underscoring the significance of establishing a cathedral that serves both in name and in practice.

After consulting widely and reflecting on the spiritual implications of such a decision, Archbishop Farrell expressed his intention to seek approval from the Holy Father for the proposed designations. He envisions St Mary’s as a focal point for the Archdiocese and St Andrew’s as a complementary Basilica that upholds a unique tradition within the religious landscape of Dublin.

As discussions progress and plans take shape, the Archbishop is calling on the congregations of St Mary’s and St Andrew’s to actively participate in the development of their liturgical and pastoral ministries. This bold step towards creating a new spiritual hub in the heart of Dublin reflects a commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community that transcends traditional boundaries.

In conclusion, Archbishop Dermot Farrell’s visionary proposal to establish a new cathedral and basilica in Dublin signals a transformative moment in the city’s religious landscape. By seeking papal approval for these designations, Archbishop Farrell is paving the way for a renewed sense of purpose and unity within the Catholic community of Dublin.